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Medical document translation

Quality Medical translations is not a matter of luxury. It is critical!

WorldAccess Translations provides medical translation services to hospitals, health care clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms and dental offices.

Because localization demands total accuracy and zero tolerance for misinterpretation, we employ over 200 translators worldwide, each located in a country where their native language is spoken.

World Access is a specialized medical translation service, which combines the skills of highly qualified translators of health and human services.

  Medical Translation  

Common documents to translate

  • Consent forms
  • Patient history forms
  • Patient exam forms
  • Medical procedures
  • Appointment cards
  • Post operation information

What ever your translation needs may be, WorldAccess Translations in your one stop translation tool.  Our goal is to is to gain your trust by assigning you our best translation teams and provide you with consistently high quality translation services.


Translation Memory Technology

The procedure is conducted precisely and efficiently to achieve the most effective end-results.

What if, in the future, you needed to update the document we translated for you? Perhaps it's a common medical procedure or a medical questionnaire you need to update where the details have changed?

World Access Translation Memory technology allows us to efficiently re-use relevant portions of past translations, resulting in both cost and time saving benefits for you.

It can reduce the overall cost of future projects by up to 40%!



We take your identity, brand and communication seriously and so we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before commencing a project or a long-term relationship.

Your foreign language communication is as important as the source language text and we will ensure that your message is carried correctly across your markets across the world.

The languages listed above are common languages other medical departments have shown interest.

These languages do not limit WorldAccess to these languages.

We offer medical translations in over 180 languages worldwide.