Living and working in the United States is a dream that many people worldwide have. Others have families in the US that they would like to reunite with. The reasons for seeking to visit or live in America are as many as the people that seek to make the journey.

Getting a birth certificate translation to English is essential for your immigration documentation. If you plan to move to the United States for work, getting a visa or citizenship requires you to present a translated birth certificate to the proper authorities.

Whatever your reason, translating your birth certificate is a necessary step for achieving your goal.

Why You May Need a Birth Certificate Translation

Apart from using your birth certificate translation for USCIS, having a certified translation can come in handy for several other uses. Having your birth certificate translated to English for receiving training or attending certain events and ceremonies are among the most common reasons. Other cases in which you will need a translated birth certificate include:

• Marriage

• Baptisms and funerals

• Child custody

• Naturalization

• Formation of civil partnership

• Buying property

• About the USCIS

The United States Citizen and Immigration Service, or USCIS for short, is the government agency that deals with citizenship matters. It belongs to the Department of Homeland Security. It covers a wide range of issues, such as processing your application and providing helpful resources in your quest to start your life in America.

Birth Certificate Translation

USCIS Requirements

Not only does your translated birth certificate need to possess the accurate information as translated from the original, but it also needs to match its formatting. Furthermore, if there are any seals on your original birth certificate, it should also be included in the English version. Finally, the USCIS requires that your translated birth certificate comes with a signed certification letter.

The USCIS requires that your full name, date of birth, birthplace, full names of both parents, and a seal showing that the document is for official use are included in your birth certificate. Make sure your birth certificate meets these requirements before moving forward with your translation.

What Does It Mean to Get Certified Translation?

Getting a certified birth certificate translation comes with a signed letter from the translator. It will ensure that everything has been translated accurately and that your document is suitable for use by the government. Keep in mind that although USCIS accepts may accept translations completed by a friend or relative with proficient knowledge of both languages, having a translation agency complete your translation will ensure acceptance by the USCIS agency and peace of mind. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen service is certified so you don’t suffer any setbacks and time delays.

Birth Certificate Translation

Translate Birth Certificate

When you submit your birth certificate to WorldAccess for translation, we assign it to a professional linguist to be translated and proofread for 100% accuracy. The document is then certified and notarized, and you receive a hard copy and digital copies sent to the email address you specify.

At WorldAccess, we provide you with a certified birth certificate translation for many languages starting at $20.00 for most language pairs. Your fee includes:

• 100% work guarantee

• Certification

• Notarization

• Emailed scanned printable color certified and notarized final document

• Free regular mail

• Quick turnaround so you don’t have to wait

Languages We Translate From

We translate your birth certificate from over 130 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. Check out the long list of languages we offer translation from to confirm that yours is included.

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation Q & A

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the translation of birth certificates so you can make an informed choice.

Other Than Certified, Are There Other Forms of Translation?

Yes. There are notarized, sworn certified, and apostilled translations. You want to make sure that the service you choose for your birth certificate is certified so that it does not get rejected or turned back. At WorldAccess, we offer certified translation of your birth certificate as well as notarization. Read more about non certified translations here.

Does My Translated Birth Certificate Have to Be Notarized?

State and federal agencies will likely require your translated birth certificate to be notarized. Luckily, at WorldAccess, we include notarization in the fee, so you don’t have to worry.

Does WorldAccess Use Professional Translators?

All WorldAccess translators are college-educated professional linguists with experience in translating government documents. They are also bound by confidentiality agreements and a Non-Disclosure Agreement that shows our commitment to the security of your privacy and identity.

Can I Translate My Birth Certificate if My English Is Good Enough?

While you or an acquaintance can probably do a good enough job, birth certificate translation to English should be left to a professional service. The USCIS asks for notarized and certified translations, something you will not be able to provide. Additionally, leaving the translation to a professional ensures that all information will be correct, and you will not have to worry about compliance with the law in the case of an error.

Does WorldAccess Charge Extra for Certification and Notarization?

Both services are included in the fee you pay, so there is no extra charge. Also, if you elect not to have your birth certificate notarized or certified, no deduction is made as there is no extra charge for these services.

What About Regular Mail? Do I Have to Pay Extra for That?

We include regular mail in the fee, so you don’t have to pay extra. On the other hand, if you would prefer priority or express mail, WorldAccess can accommodate your request at an additional fee.

What Does It Mean to Have My Birth Certificate Notarized?

After your birth certificate is translated, an official notary public observes the signing of your document and signs and stamps it themselves to show that they witnessed the signing. This process aims to show that you confirm that you are the person whose information is included in the birth certificate. It also records your willingness and awareness in accepting the information stated on the document.

Will My Translated Birth Certificate Look Like the Original?

Yes. WorldAccess will translate your document and format it as closely as possible to the original. The birth certificate is translated onto our letterhead and includes each certification and notarization on each single-page document or at the end of a multi-page document.

What Other Types of Documents Might I Need Translation For?

While your birth certificate is one of the primary documents you will need to translate, many other important items may also need translation to English.

If you are conducting business in the United States, you may need to have bank statements or other financial records translated to English. Furthermore, police records, marriage certificates, and divorce papers are common documents that may come up in your dealings with the government.

If you seek medical treatment in the United States, having your medical records translated into English is vital. If you are moving to the US and have medical conditions that may need special treatment, you want to have essential medical records translated for use in an emergency.

At WorldAccess, we handle all of your translation needs so that you can adapt to life in the US as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Get Your Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS Today

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Birth Certificate Translation

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