Birth Certificate Translation

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Birth Certificate Translation

There are many reasons why you might need a translated birth certificate quickly. You might be about to file a petition with USCIS for a visa. You might need to submit your birth certificate as part of your university application. You might also need to submit it as proof of your identity at several institutions. In all those cases, you want to be sure you submit a completed, correct translation since errors can lead to delays, and you want to avoid those.

At WorldAccess, we guarantee a complete, correct professional birth certificate translation. We have extensive experience providing our customers with translations that meet all the USCIS birth certificate submissions requirements, and our translations are accepted widely. We also certify and notarize your translations and deliver a professional, quality translation via mail and email. We guarantee fast turnarounds with our translations since we know our customers need their documents quickly to ensure that their petitions and other business continue swiftly.

Our fast, cost-effective solutions to your translating needs are easy to access. Contact us to get a free quote for your translation project. Once you agree that the quote fits within your budget, we can get started translating the birth certificate. Read more about birth certificate translation here.

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At WorldAccess – We aim to provide the best quality Document Translation services for the lowest prices.

Who Can Translate a Birth Certificate for Immigration?

Immigration is one of the primary reasons customers seek a translation of their birth certificates. When you file a petition with USCIS, you will need to provide a copy of your original birth certificate and a translation. At WorldAccess, we have a team of translators who are all college-educated professional linguists. They are carefully chosen for their skills and work in teams to ensure that your translation is both complete and correct, using the proper legal terminology and delivered in the closest format to the original as possible.

USCIS Birth Certificate

When you are dealing with a USCIS petition, you will need your birth certificate and other documents, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and police records, translated. Our knowledgeable, professional translators can translate all your documents clearly and carefully so that USCIS will accept these documents as part of your petition.

Our Birth Certificate Translators

Our translators are college educated professional linguists, They are selected by reviewing their Curriculum Vitae and placed in specialized areas of expertise based on testing of various text.  Our translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and a Non Disclosure Agreement to insure your identity and privacy


FREE Certification & Notarization for ALL Document Translation Services

FREE Certification & Notarization for ALL Document Translation

  • Translation of your document on our letterhead

  • 100% approved for USCIS and other domestic and foreign governments.

  • Priority mail and express mail have additional fees.

  • Fees includes documents with stamps on the back page.

  • We do not charge extra for the stamp.

Languages Included with Certificate Translation2022-07-18T22:10:17+00:00

Belarusian into English
Bosnian into English
Brazilian Portuguese into English
Croatian into English
Czech into English
French (Canadian) into English
French (European) into English
French Creole into English
German into English
Indonesian into English
Italian into English
Malay into English
Polish into English
Portuguese into English
Punjabi into English
Romanian into English
Russian into English
Serbian into English
Spanish (European) into English
Spanish (Latin American) into English
Ukrainian into English

For other languages, send us your documents by email to or fax to 1-800-373-0762. If we are not able to meet the $20.00 promotion, fees will be based on the language pair.

World Access specializes in professional document translations. Based in the US, with our corporate office located in Nevada and sales offices nationwide.

Learn More About Document Translation Services

Certified Document Translation - WorldAccess Translation
Document Translation - WorldAccess Translation

Certificate Translation

per page
  • Specific Languages Only*
  • Literal (word-for-word available)
  • FREE Notarization & Certification
  • One original via regular mail
  • Signed/Stamped Certification
  • 100% approved for USCIS
  • Scanned color copy via email

Standard Doc Translation

starting @ per word
  • Languages vary in pricing*
  • Literal (word-for-word available)
  • FREE Notarization & Certification
  • One original via regular mail
  • Signed/Stamped Certification
  • 100% approved for USCIS
  • Scanned color copy via email

Birth Certificate Translation

Do You Need Your Translated Birth Certificate in a Rush?

WorldAccess Translation Services offers a quick turnaround of your translation project. When you seek a free quote for your translations, you can indicate that you need a rush order, and we will work with you to get your translation to you when you need it. We offer a 100% guarantee that our translations are high-quality translations. They are notarized and certified and provided to you promptly so you can submit them both digitally and in physical form. For medical translations, click here.

Birth Certificate Translation

Cost-Effective Birth Certificate Translation at $20 per Page

We understand that our customers have budgets, so we provide very cost-effective, high-quality translations. Starting at just $20 per page, our document translations include notarization and certification, a full-color printed original translation on our letterhead, as well as a full-color digital copy. The cost of your translation project will depend on the length and complexity of the document. You can get a free quote to find out the total cost of your translation.

$20 per page per translation

What steps should you follow to get your birth certificate translated?

We want to ensure that the process when you need to translate a birth certificate is easy to follow. We also guarantee a high-quality translation that is correct and complete and that will be accepted by USCIS and other institutions that require it. We always deliver a product free of errors that uses the correct legal vocabulary to convey the original message in the new language. Following these steps will ensure that you get your translated documents quickly and that you will be fully satisfied with the product of our work.

  • Step 1: Request a free quote for your project
  • Step 2: Accept the quote and submit payment to start the project
  • Step 3: Submit the document for translation
  •  Step 4: Wait while our translation teams work on your translation
  • Step 5: Receive our translation proof for approval
  • Step 6: Indicate any necessary corrections or changes, and approve them after receiving the final proof
  • Step 7: Receive your notarized, certified translation via email and one original via regular mail
what will your translation look like?
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What will your translation look like?

Not all original birth certificates will have the same format, which will affect the final format of your translation. When you choose our translation services, you will get the original content translated to English, using the proper legal terminology in English while still retaining the same meaning as the original. Your translation will be provided on our letterhead, in full color. The format will match the original as much as possible while still allowing the translated information to retain its original meaning. Additionally, the translation will be certified and notarized at no additional cost.

Birth Certificate Translation

What Do You Receive When You Request Birth Certificate Translation to English for USCIS?

Your birth certificate is one of the documents that you can use as proof of your identity. As a legal document, it is essential, particularly when you plan to visit or move to another country. However, if your birth certificate is in a language different from the language of your destination country, you might run into problems. WorldAccess can be the solution to the problem. We provide translations for over 20 languages, such as Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
When you need to have your birth certificate translated to English for USCIS, you will get a physical copy of your translated birth certificate on our letterhead. The translation will be certified and notarized. We also include a certificate of accuracy that states that the translation is complete and correct and that our translators are qualified to translate from the original language to English.

We guarantee that our translations meet all the requirements for USCIS as we are always informed of these requirements and any updates or changes. Our translations have a 100% approval rate with USCIS and with other domestic and foreign governments.

WorldAccess offers a one-stop shop for all your translation needs. If you need your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, school records, or police reports translated, we have teams of professional translators to complete your project. You do not want to trust your translations to just anybody. We have vast experience translating documents for USCIS, and we have had 100% approval. Our customers are always more than satisfied with our work and return for their translation needs.

Professional Birth Certificate Translation

Clients are always impressed with the quality of our translations. When they receive their translations, they praise our professionalism and effort for going beyond their expectations. Because our translators are experienced and college-educated, our translations are professional, complete, and always correct.

When you begin to plan your USCIS petition, you will need important documents such as your birth certificate translated. A certified, notarized translation of your birth certificate shows where you were born and can also be necessary to take advantage of the many opportunities available to you when you move to the United States, including educational opportunities.

Our cost-effective translation services are the answer if you need document translation while still staying within your budget. Our translations provide you peace of mind to feel secure in using your translated document for all your needs without any fear that the document will be rejected.

The Benefits of Using WorldAccess for Your Translation

When you decide to begin a petition with USCIS, no matter why you want to go to the United States, you will need to provide your birth certificate. If you want to relocate to the United States to study, get married, for a new job opportunity, or expand your business, you will need a professional translation for your USCIS birth certificate. WorldAccess is always available to help you with your translations needs.
Our corporate office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but we have sales offices nationwide. You can also call us on our toll-free number, email us, or request a free quote to start your project. We invite you to share all the details of your translation project, including how fast you need your translation completed. Our team of experienced translators can then begin to work on the project.

When you choose to use our services, you also get a range of benefits, including our 100% guarantee of quality work that USCIS and other government agencies will accept. You also receive a full-color translation on our letterhead, notarized and certified at no additional cost. You receive one physical original of your translation via regular mail and a full-color digital copy via email. You are also assured that your identity and information are protected as our translators sign a non-disclosure agreement, and we promise complete commercial confidentiality.

Where To Get Birth Certificate Translated And Notarized Near Me?
As you begin your USCIS petition or prepare to apply for school, training, or a job opportunity, you might wonder where to get a birth certificate translation near me. You need to look no further than WorldAccess for your translations. You can contact us to get a free quote for your translation. Once you accept the quote and send payment, we can begin to translate your documents. Our quick turnaround means you will not need to wait long for your full-color, certified, notarized translation.

get your documents notarized

More Birth Certificate Translations FAQs….

What is professional translation?2022-05-12T20:47:29+00:00

A professional translation of a birth certificate refers to a professional translation of an original birth certificate completed by a qualified translator. The birth certificate is translated from its original language to the new language, and the format of the translation closely matches the original. It also includes a certificate of accuracy, certifying that the translation was done by a qualified translator fluent in both languages.

Does USCIS require translations of birth certificates?2022-05-12T20:48:03+00:00

USCIS does require translations of birth certificates for its petitions. The translations must be done by someone fluent in both languages, certified by the translator or the translation agency, and meet USCIS requirements. While anyone can translate a document and certify the translation, you want to ensure that USCIS will accept the translation if you need a USCIS birth certificate. By using WorldAccess for your translation, you can be sure that the translation will be correct and accepted by USCIS.

Who can translate birth certificates for USCIS?2022-05-12T20:51:27+00:00

USCIS requires that translations of birth certificates are made by someone fluent in both languages. A professional translation by WorldAccess meets all the requirements from USCIS and is both certified and notarized, providing further assurance of its quality.

Why should translations be certified and notarized?2022-07-11T21:35:11+00:00

When a translation is certified and notarized, it is more likely to get accepted by USCIS and other government institutions. While anyone who completes a translation can certify the translation, a notarized translation must be done by a notary public, with the translator present. WorldAccess includes both certification and notarization as part of their translation package.

What is the cost of translating documents?2022-07-11T21:35:08+00:00

While the cost of translating a birth certificate can range from $60 to $70 and even higher if the birth certificate has additional documents included, WorldAccess offers affordable translations. Starting at just $20 per page, our translations are professional and cost-effective.

What languages do you work with?2022-05-12T20:53:10+00:00

WorldAccess offers professional translations from qualified, experienced translators in more than 20 languages. These languages include Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and German. Our translators have specialized knowledge in many different areas and work in teams to provide you with a high-quality translation.

Does WorldAccess offer document translation?2022-05-12T20:53:32+00:00

WorldAccess can meet all your translation needs. If you need a translation of your marriage certificate or birth certificate, we can do that. We can also translate medical and educational records, police reports, and even business documents and presentations.


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As your company grows into the global market we are your translation source for all your marketing, advertisement and general business literature. We understand that immigration is an investment in your future. The cost of each USCIS document translation will depend on a variety of factors, including the length and complexity of the document. We provide a professional translation service that is both high quality and cost-effective with fast turnaround delivery.

If you are ready to seek a professional translation, fill out the free quote now. Our process is easy. Simply provide the required information and upload your document to receive your free quote. 


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