If you are looking for new educational and job opportunities, you will need to have your diploma translated. Whether you are coming to the United States as an exchange or international student, are migrating and your plans include continuing your education, or you are pursuing specific employment opportunities, you will need to have your diploma translated professionally as part of your process.

Why should you choose professional diploma translation services?
If you want to ensure that your diploma is translated correctly and accurately, choosing WorldAccess for your diploma translation guarantees that your translation will be accepted by the institution or company requesting it. In most cases, when the translation of a diploma is requested, you will need to submit a certified translation of the document. All our professional translations are certified and notarized, ensuring that the receiving institution or company will trust that the information provided on the translation reflects the information from the original document.

Is a professional translation the same as a credential evaluation?
The answer to this question is a clear no. A professional translation takes the information in the original document and faithfully translates it to the new language. At WorldAccess, professional, college-educated translators complete our diploma translation services with expert knowledge in specific fields. On the other hand, a credential evaluation is a process completed by capable specialists who use professional translations to evaluate credentials and compare them to the standards expected from a similar degree in the new country. The translation is submitted along with the original document for the specialist to evaluate.

What Benefits Do Certified Diploma Translation Services Provide?
When you choose to use WorldAccess for your certified diploma translation services, you are choosing a host of benefits. These include:

  • The guarantee that your certified and notarized translation will be accepted by the institution or company requesting it
  • Peace of mind that your diploma translation will accurately reflect all the information from your original source document
  • The services of a team of professional linguists who are expert translators
  • A professional, full-color translation that is both certified and notarized
  • Insurance that your information remains confidential

Who translates your document?

Certified Diploma Translation Services

WorldAccess carefully screens our professional translators to ensure they are college-educated linguists with experience translating documents. We also test our translators in different areas of knowledge to identify their expertise in the area. Our translators work in teams to complete your diploma translation services and guarantee your satisfaction with the translation.

Where can you use your diploma translation?
There are many reasons why you might be required to provide a certified diploma translation and using WorldAccess diploma translation services guarantees that your translation will be accepted. You might be applying for undergraduate or graduate study, a position in a private company or public institution, or completing an immigration process. Some of the places that you might need to submit your diploma translation include:

  • Colleges or universities
  • Private companies
  • Public entities

What is the format of my translation?

Certified Diploma Translation Services

At WorldAccess, we provide a full-color, certified, and notarized translation of your original document on our company stationery. Each translation includes a stamp on the back of the page. As part of our services, we provide one physical copy sent through regular mail and a digital copy sent via email. The format of the diploma translation will match the original as closely as possible while the translation is complete, correct, and maintains the coherence of the information.

What is the cost of the translation, and what do I get for this price?
WorldAccess prides itself on offering affordable services of excellent quality. Our translations begin at $20 per page, including the full color physical and digital copies of the translation, notarization, certification, excellent customer service support, and fast turnarounds. The final cost of your translation needs will depend on how complex and lengthy your translation is. You can request a quote to find out the cost of your translation by visiting our Get a Free Quote page.

What language capabilities does WorldAccess offer?

Certified Diploma Translation Services

At WorldAccess, our language capabilities include more than 65 languages. We work with Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, Polish, and many more. Simply reach out to us to request a quote about your translation needs.

WorldAccess provides high-quality certified diploma translation services. We know how important it is to submit accurate and complete translations of your documents, and we ensure that is exactly what we provide. Accessing our services is very easy. You can start the process by visiting our Get a Free Quote page, filling out the information, and sending us your documents to get your free quote.

Certified Diploma Translation Services

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