Whether you are pursuing job opportunities, have an immigration case process, or are applying to different educational programs, you might be required to submit a certified transcript translation. Ensuring that your translation accurately captures and conveys your academic background and training, as well as any awards and recognitions you might have earned, is important, as the outcome of your process might be affected by the content of your translation. WorldAccess provides academic transcript translation services with quality and acceptance guarantees.

Why should you choose certified transcript translation?
Choosing a certified transcript translation means that the translation comes with a guarantee that the information provided is accurate, complete, and coherent. Transcript translation might necessitate specialized knowledge of particular fields, for example, if your academic background is medical or technical. Certified translations are completed by professional translators with knowledge of both the source and translated language and different areas of content expertise, preventing errors and omissions in the final translated document.

The WorldAccess Guarantee

Certified Transcript Translation

We guarantee that your high-quality certified transcript translation will be accepted by any institution or organization where you submit it. Choosing WorldAccess for your academic transcript translations services also provides many other benefits and guarantees, including:

  • Fast turn-around times
  • Affordable rates
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality translations by teams of college-educated expert translators
  • Full-color translations on WorldAccess letterhead
  • Certification and notarization at no extra charge
  • Physical and digital copies of your translations

Who are the WorldAccess translators?
WorldAccess translators are professional, experienced, college-educated linguists who complete a rigorous process to become our translators. After carefully reviewing their Curriculum Vitae, prospective translators complete a battery of tests to determine their areas of expertise. They are also discreet and respectful of our client’s information and sign commercial confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your identity and privacy.

How much do WorldAccess academic transcript translation services cost?
The final cost of any translation will depend on how complex and lengthy the document is. At WorldAccess, the cost of your certified transcript translation begins at $20 per page for over 20 languages. However, if you need a translation from a language beyond these specific languages, costs begin at $0.09 per word. To find out the cost of your translation project, you can request a free quote.

What languages does WorldAccess work with?

Certified Transcript Translation

For our certified translations with specific languages, we work with over 20 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Italian. Overall, however, our language capabilities include over 65 languages in total. If you want to find out if we can complete your certified transcript translation, contact us by calling 866-694-8532, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

What is the process to access our academic transcript translation services?
Accessing our translation services is fast and easy. Follow the following steps to begin your translation process:

  1. Request a free quote from WorldAccess
  2. Accept the quote and provide payment
  3. Wait for the translation project to be assigned
  4. Receive 1st draft and provide feedback and corrections, if necessary
  5. Receive 2nd draft and provide feedback and corrections, if necessary
  6. Receive final certified transcript translation through regular mail and email

What should you expect from a WorldAccess translation?

Certified Transcript Translation

WorldAccess translations are full-color translations of your original source documents that identically or closely match the original content while maintaining the coherence of the meaning of the information. They are provided on WorldAccess stationery, both in physical form, with a stamp on the back of each page, and in digital format. Delivery by regular mail is included in the cost, but we do offer express and priority mail delivery for an additional fee. While we always offer a quick turn-around with all our services, WorldAccess also knows that sometimes you need your translation in a rush. You can request rush service as well when you request a free quote.

At WorldAccess, we provide professional academic transcript translation services so you can complete your life process feeling secure that your document will be accepted. We know you value peace of mind as well as high-quality, cost-effective translations, and that is just what we offer you. Once you accept our quote and pay for your translation, you do not have long to wait as our teams of professional, experienced, knowledgeable translators begin working on your project.

WorldAccess has offices around the United States, with our headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can also reach us by calling 866-694-8532 if you have any questions, and our customer service operators will be glad to help you. However, the process starts with one simple, easy step:  Request a free quote by submitting a copy of your original document and your information.

Certified Transcript Translation

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