Any time you deal with immigration issues, whether you are seeking or renewing a work visa, student visa, or permanent immigration visa, you will need your supporting documents translated from their original language. USCIS document translation must be done by a proficient translator or translator service and certified to be accepted by USCIS as supporting evidence in your immigration case. The translation of the certified immigration document must accompany the original document in the foreign language. When you translate immigration documents, you need accuracy and proficiency. USCIS has specific requirements that must be met for translations to be accepted.

What are the USCIS / Immigration documents translation requirements?

The USCIS document translation requirements are set to ensure that the translations provided are true to the original document. These requirements include:

• A complete translation of the original document, without omitting any information

• A truthful and correct translation of the original document using the correct legal terminology

• A statement certifying that the person or service that translated the original document is fluent and proficient in both the original language of the document and in English

who can translate a birth certificate for immigration

Some countries offer extracts or shorter or abbreviated versions of longer documents. However, these extracts and their translations are only accepted if they include all the information from the lengthier original document. The original documents, whether the long-form or the shorter extract, must be generated by an official government agency so that USCIS can accept them.

Why do you need to translate immigration documents?

If you have an immigration case with USCIS, you will need to translate your immigration documents as part of the supporting evidence in your case. This includes both visa petitions and the naturalization process. Providing certified translations of documents will ensure that your immigration officer will be able to read your documents in English and that the case will move forward without waiting to correct any translation errors. While birth certificate translation is required in all immigration and naturalization cases, the need for additional documents will depend on your type of USCIS case.

What types of documents need to be translated?

Most documents in a foreign language that are required in your immigration case must be translated. Depending on your case, you might need birth certificate translation or marriage certificate translation, for example. Other documents that might need translations include:

Divorce decrees

• Criminal records

• Police reports

• School transcripts and diplomas

However, passports issued by other countries do not need to be translated.

Should you translate your immigration documents?

You, or someone close to you, such as a spouse or other family member, can translate your USCIS immigration documents from the original language into English. However, if you or your family member translates, you must also include a letter certifying that you are fluent in both the original language and in English. The letter must be signed by the person who translated the document and includes their full name, address, and date when the translation was done. The person translating the document should be proficient in both the original language and English, including understanding and using the correct legal terminology. Translating your own document runs the risk of not meeting USCIS document translations requirements, which can delay your immigration case as you wait for acceptable translations. Using our professional translation service will ensure that you avoid these unnecessary delays.

What are the benefits of a professional translation?

A professional translation of your foreign-language document can provide you with a range of benefits. Whether you need a straightforward marriage certificate translation or a more complex police report translation, a professional translation means that all the information will be correctly and proficiently provided to USCIS. This is what you expect when you seek a service to translate immigration documents.

who can translate a birth certificate for immigration

These benefits include:

• Peace of mind that your translation is complete and correct

• Assurance that your translation is proficient and includes all the information from the original document

• A translation that closely mirrors the format of the original document

• A guarantee that your translation will be accepted by USCIS

• The security of certified and notarized translations

• Complete confidentiality of your information

What languages do we offer for translation?

Our services include translations from languages from all around the world. With more than 150 languages offered, you can rest easy that your documents will be professionally translated and that they meet USCIS document translation requirements. Whether you need a birth certificate translation from Latin American Spanish to English or a marriage certificate translation from Romanian to English, your translation will be ready for submission to USCIS.

who can translate a birth certificate for immigration

What is the cost for USCIS document translation?

We understand that immigration is an investment in your future. The cost of each USCIS document translation will depend on a variety of factors, including the length and complexity of the document. We provide a professional translation service that is both high quality and cost-effective with fast turnaround delivery.

If you are ready to seek a professional translation, you should contact us for a free quote. Our process is easy. Simply fill out the required information and upload your document to receive your free quote. Back to homepage.

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