Immigration cases are complex affairs that can impact a person’s life permanently. When immigration lawyers are putting together their clients’ cases, they must watch all the details and gather all documents. When those documents are in a foreign language, they need to get professional, accurate translations for those documents. In those cases, immigration translation services can be a valuable help to lawyers and their clients.

An immigration translation from a reliable, professional service is vital since the case outcome can depend on ensuring that all the information provided in the translation is accurate. An incomplete or incorrect translation can lead to a delay or even a rejection of your immigration case. At WorldAccess, we guarantee the quality and accuracy of our immigration translation services. Our clients know that we provide professional, high-quality, cost-effective translations with a quick turn-around.

Benefits of Translation for Immigration

immigration translation services

Getting your documents translated by WorldAccess provides a variety of benefits. Using a professional, college-educated linguist who is fluent in both languages ensures that your translation is complete and accurate. It provides peace of mind that a mistake will not be made and that your immigration lawyer can securely include the translation with your immigration case. Some of the other benefits professional translation for immigration provides include:

  • Cost-effective translations
  • Guaranteed privacy and discretion of your identity and information
  • Professional translations in over 20 languages
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Certified, notarized translations
  • 100% approval for immigration cases

Considerations for Immigration Translation

immigration translation services

When an immigration attorney is considering translation services for their client’s immigration documents, there are specific considerations they should follow. The goal is to seek translations from a translation service you can trust. Clients trust WorldAccess to deliver high-quality translations with 100% acceptance by USCIS and other government institutions. Some of these considerations include:

  • Can translation services guarantee privacy and discretion?
  • What languages do you work with?
  • Who completes the professional translations?
  • How fast can the translation team work to complete the project?
  • What types of documents does the translation service work with?
  • What is the format of the translation?
  • What is the cost of the translation services?
  • What is included in the cost of the translation?

Professional Translation Teams that Guarantee Privacy and Discretion

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At WorldAccess, we work in teams of college-educated linguists fluent in both languages to provide you with the highest quality immigration translation services. Our teams begin working after you accept our quote and submit your document for translation. Our translators are carefully chosen after reviewing their Curriculum Vitae and chosen to work in specialized areas based on their professional experience. They sign commercial confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements that guarantee the protection of your identity and the privacy of your information. Working in teams ensures that your translations are complete and that the correct legal terminology is used in the translation. The completed translation has both accurate content and a format that is as close to the original document as possible.

Professional Translations from Over 20 Languages

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WorldAccess translators are fluent in over 20 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Because our translators are highly educated linguists in English and other languages, you can feel secure that your translation will not have errors or omissions and that the content will be translated accurately from one language to another.

Fast Turn-Around Times
We understand that immigration matters are time-sensitive, so when an immigration attorney requests our services, we promise a fast turn-around for the completion of the project. The process begins by requesting a free quote and continues once that quote is accepted, payment is provided, and the document is submitted for translation. Our teams begin to work immediately so we can quickly deliver our translations via regular mail and email. At WorldAccess, we know that immigration cases can move quickly and that a delay in the translation services means a delay in the process. This is why we offer swift turn-around times for all our translation projects.

Translation for All Types of Documents
Immigration cases might require a variety of documents. Some of these documents are used as evidence of your identity. Others might be evidence of relationships. Finally, some might be evidence of your educational and professional background. The quality and accuracy of these translations can make a difference in the success of an immigration case. WorldAccess translates a wide variety of documents and any added affidavits, including:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • Police records
  • School records
  • Medical records

In addition, we also offer business-related translations, such as those of property titles, business contracts, and presentations.

Translation Format
A frequent concern for an immigration lawyer is how the translation will be formatted. Once our translation team at WorldAccess completes your translation, we provide a physical and digital copy of the translated document. We try to keep the translation format as close as possible to the original document as long as the translated content is faithful to the original content. The translation is delivered on our company’s letterhead, certified and notarized, with stamps on the back page of the document. The translation is a full-color document you can include with your immigration case, whether you provide it physically or digitally.

The Cost of Immigration Translation

The budget of any process is important, and the cost of the translation is part of this budget. Our high-quality translations begin at $20 per page, making it a cost-effective translation that can fit into your budget. The number of pages and complexity of the original document are considered when establishing the total cost of the translation project. You can request a free quote by contacting us so we can begin working on your translation project.

We will begin working on your translation once you accept our quote and provide payment. You can feel confident that you will receive our full services, including:

  • Expert, complete and accurate translations by our professional translators
  • An original, full-color translation on our letterhead via regular mail
  • A scanned copy via email
  • Notarization and certification
  • Stamps on the back page of the translated document
  • Guarantee that government institutions will accept our translation

If you need rush service, you can request priority or express mail services for an additional fee.

How can you reach World Access?
We are a phone call or email away if you need to reach us. We have our national headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and various regional offices around the country. You can call us at 866-694-8532, email us, or request a free quote for your translation needs. When you request a quote, you should include as much relevant information as possible, including how fast you need your translation to get an accurate quote for your project.

Why is it important to get a professional translation for immigration?
Because an immigration process is life-changing, getting all the details right is imperative if you want a successful outcome. Document translation is just one part of the process, but you need professional, accurate translations that you can confidently include with your paperwork. With WorldAccess, you can submit your translations both physically and digitally.

How do you get your immigration documents translated?
Getting your immigration documents translated is easy. You can begin by requesting a free quote. Once you review our quote and accept it, you provide payment, and we begin our translation work. Our team then works swiftly to complete your translation. You approve our translation proofs or make suggestions for corrections. After a final proof, you will receive both your physical and digital translations. The process is both cost-effective and quick.

Professional translation of immigration documents is the solution lawyers need for their translation needs. Knowing that your translation is accurate and complete and that it comes with a 100% guarantee of acceptance by USCIS means you have one less detail to worry about when putting together your immigration case.

immigration translation services

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