Moving to the United States requires translation of basic official documents that will allow you to enjoy all the rights and privileges of living in America. Furthermore, translating your marriage certificate will give authorities a clear picture of your family situation. Let’s look at some of the most common uses of a marriage certificate translation and tell you more about the best way to get one.

Why You May Need a Marriage Certificate Translation

A marriage certificate translation is helpful for situations that require you to prove your marital status. These situations include opening a bank account, involvement in court cases, applying for credit, getting a divorce, or applying for a visa. A translated marriage certificate will also be necessary for legally changing your name if you choose to do so.

Marriage Certificate Translation

USCIS Marriage Certificate Translation

The USCIS is short for the United States Citizen and Immigration Service. It is the government agency responsible for granting citizenship and belongs to the Department of Homeland Security. Besides dealing with matters of citizenship, the USCIS offers helpful resources for people immigrating to the United States.

The USCIS is the first government agency in your journey that may potentially require an English translation of your marriage certificate. Your USCIS marriage certificate translation will have to meet a few criteria to be accepted.

The USCIS requires that your translated marriage certificate includes the accurate information as translated from the original. Your translated document also needs to match the original’s formatting. Additionally, if there are any seals on your original marriage certificate, they should also be included in the English version. Finally, the USCIS requires that your translated marriage certificate is certified.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Services Your WorldAccess USCIS Marriage Certificate Translation Includes

When you submit your marriage certificate to WorldAccess for translation, we have one of our professional linguists translate it so it can be proofread for 100% accuracy. The document is then notarized and certified, and you receive a hard copy as well as a digital copy sent to the email address of your choice.

At WorldAccess, we provide you a certified translation of your marriage certificate for several languages starting at $20.00 for most language pairs. The fee you pay includes:

  • 100% work guarantee
  • Certification
  • Notarization
  • Emailed scanned color certified and notarized final document
  • Free regular mail
  • Quick turnaround so you don’t have to wait

What Does It Mean to Get Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate?

Getting a certified marriage certificate translation means that it comes with a signed letter from the translator. This means that the translation service guarantees that everything is translated accurately and that your document is suitable for use by the government agency you will be submitting it to. Keep in mind that the USCIS only accepts certified translations of marriage certificates. This is why you need to ensure that the service you choose is certified, so you don’t have to worry about delays and setbacks.

Languages We Translate From

At WorldAccess, we translate your marriage certificate to English from over 130 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian. To find out if your language is included, check out the long list of languages we offer translation.

Use of Translation Memory Technology

The translation procedure is conducted efficiently and precisely to achieve the most effective results. Our innovative technology applies to your document translations, whether a marriage certificate, brochure, or marketing presentation.

Our transition memory technology allows us to update the document we translated for you in the future if it is necessary. This saves time while offering you savings by up to 40%!

Marriage Certificate Translation Q & A

Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our marriage certificate translation service.

Will My Translated Marriage Certificate Look Like the Original?

At WorldAcess, we will translate your document and format it to resemble the original as closely as possible. The birth certificate is translated onto our letterhead and includes certification and notarization on each single-page document, or at the end of a multiple-page document.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Other Than Certified, Are There Other Forms of Translation?

Yes. You will find that there are notarized, sworn certified, and apostilled translations. In the case of the USCIS and other government agencies, you want to make sure that the marriage certificate translation service you choose is certified so that your document does not get rejected or turned back. At WorldAccess, we offer certified translation of your marriage certificate as well as notarization.

Does My Marriage Certificate Have to Be Notarized?

Your marriage certificate translation does not necessarily need to be notarized, although many state and federal agencies will require it. Luckily, with WorldAccess, you won’t have to worry as we provide you with notarization without extra charge.

Does WorldAccess Use Professional Translators?

At WorldAccess, all translators are college-educated professional linguists with experience in translating government documents. You can rest assured that our translators will be able to translate your document accurately and on time. If you are concerned about the security of your personal information, you’ll be happy to know that our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Should I Translate My Own Marriage Certificate?

Even though your English may be excellent or you may have a friend that can do the translation, leaving the job in the hands of a professional service provider offers several benefits. The USCIS requires a certified translation and something you cannot provide on your own. Furthermore, entrusting the translation of your document to a professional marriage certificate translation service guarantees that the information will be correct. This takes all the responsibility out of your hands, so you don’t have to worry about compliance with the law if an error is present.

Does WorldAccess Charge Extra for Certification and Notarization?

You’ll be happy to know that WorldAccess offers both certification and notarization in the fee, so you won’t have to pay extra. Please note that if you decide not to receive these two services, there will be no reduction in the fee as we do not charge for them.

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Regular Mail?

Regular mail is also included in the fee, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra. If, on the contrary, you would prefer priority or express mail, we can offer these services for an additional fee.

Besides Marriage Certificates, What Other Types of Documents Might I Need Translation For?

Moving to the United States may require translation of several different official documents according to what you want to do. Getting a birth certificate translation is essential for your interaction with the USCIS.

Other important documents that may need translation to English include bank statements and other financial records. You may also need translation of police records and divorce papers.

If you plan on seeking medical treatment in the United States, having your medical records available in English is critical. Furthermore, translated medical records take on even greater importance if you have an underlying medical condition that may call for unscheduled medical attention.

We handle all of your translation needs so that you can focus on adapting to life in the US as smoothly as possible. Our expertise is not limited to official government documents. If you have text that needs to be translated into English, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for details.

At WorldAccess, our experienced translators are experts at providing accurate English translations of all your important documents.

Translate Your Marriage Certificate Today

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