When you are moving to the United States, government documents need translation for the process to be completed. The authorities will ask for a birth certificate translation and other official paperwork.

What Is the USCIS?

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The USCIS is the government agency that grants citizenship. Short for the United States Citizen and Immigration Service, the USCIS is a part of Homeland Security. It is the first US government agency you will come in contact with during your journey for a visa or citizenship.

Founded in 2003, the USCIS administers lawful immigration to America while also providing helpful resources to those seeking citizenship. With over 200 offices globally, the USCIS can provide its services to people of all backgrounds seeking to move to the United States.

What Is a USCIS Certified Translation?

Getting a USCIS certified translation means that a signed letter from the translation services accompanies your document. This letter states that the translator ensures that the information in the translated document is accurate and is translated correctly from your original document.

A certified English translation of your birth certificate for the USCIS tells the authorities that your name, date of birth, and other information are translated by a professional, third-party expert and not a family member or Google Translate. It bears legal weight and takes responsibility for any translation errors out of your hands.

What Types of Documents Need Certified Translation?
Other than your birth certificate, there are several documents that you may need to translate in your interaction with the USCIS and other agencies. Marriage certificate translation is necessary for those moving to America that needs to prove their marital status.

If you plan on doing business in the United States, having your bank statements and other financial records translated to English might be required. You may be asked for translations of divorce papers, police records, and contracts that will be important for your new life in the US.

Another category of documents that you should have translated is medical records. If you seek medical treatment in the US, having your medical records in English will allow doctors to offer you the care you need. This is especially true if you suffer from a medical condition that requires your doctor to have detailed knowledge before offering care. However, even if you are healthy, keeping translated medical records on file can come in handy in the future.

At WorldAccess, we make sure that all of your translation needs are met so that you can adapt to life in the US as seamlessly as possible.

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Requirements for USCIS Certified Document Translation

The requirements for USCIS certified document translation are that a competent translator provides the translated documents to produce foreign documents into English. Your translated document needs to be accurate and come with a letter from the service provider.

Does WorldAccess Use Professional Translators?
All translators at WorldAccess are college-educated linguists with extensive experience in translating official documents. When assigning your translation to WorldAccess, you can be sure that your document will be translated to English accurately and on time.

Is My Information Safe With WorldAccess?
It is understandable to be concerned about the security of your personal information, and a birth certificate translation involves placing your personal information in the hands of someone else. That is why at WorldAccess, we take all necessary precautions so that our customer’s data is safe from misuse. All of our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

WorldAccess Services

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When you submit your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other documents to WorldAccess for translation, one of our professional linguists translates and proofread it for 100% accuracy.

The document is then certified and notarized, and you receive a hard copy and a digital copy sent to the email address you choose.

At WorldAccess, we provide you certified document translation for a number of languages starting at $20.00 for most language pairs. The fee you pay includes:

  • 100% work guarantee
  • Certification
  • Notarization
  • Emailed scanned color certified and notarized final document
  • Free regular mail
  • Quick turnaround so you don’t have to wait

Languages WorldAccess Translates From
At WorldAccess, we translate your marriage certificate to English from over 130 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin.

To see if your language is one that WorldAccess covers, check out the long list of languages we offer translation for.

Will My Translated USCIS Birth Certificate Look Like the Original?
At WorldAccess, we make sure your birth certificate or marriage certificate translation matches the format of the original as closely as possible. The birth certificate is translated onto our letterhead and includes each certification and notarization on every single-page document or at the end of multiple-page documents.

Besides Certified, Are There Other Forms of Translation?
Yes, there are notarized, sworn certified, and apostilled translations. When having a document translated for the USCIS and other government agencies, you want to ensure that the translation service you choose is certified so that your document does not get turned back or rejected. At WorldAccess, we offer both certified translation of your documents as well as notarization.

Does My USCIS Birth Certificate Have to Be Notarized?
Your USCIS birth certificate translation does not necessarily need to be notarized. However, many state and federal agencies will require it. Fortunately, with WorldAccess, you don’t have to worry as we provide you with notarization without extra charge.

Should You Translate Your Own Documents for USCIS?
One of the most common questions bilingual people ask is whether they should translate their own documents. As you cannot provide a certified translation, you will not be able to produce a document that the USCIS or other government agency will accept for its purposes. It is best to use a professional translator that can translate your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other government documents into English for legal purposes.

Translate Your Documents to English Today
If you need a USCIS birth certificate or marriage certificate translation to English for USCIS, call WorldAccess and get a free quote today! Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, if you prefer to communicate with us online, fill out and submit our contact form or send us an email at pm@watrans.com.

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