You might be asked for a certified translation or a notarized translation when translated documents are required. Different agencies require certification and notarization for different purposes. For example, USCIS requires certified translations for all immigration and naturalization cases. A certified translation might also be required for court cases, other legal proceedings, and educational and job opportunities. On the other hand, notarized translations might be required when you apply for a license with the DMV or an American Passport. For example, you might need a birth certificate translation for your USCIS case that is certified. Still, you might need a notarized translation of the same document once you apply for your driver’s license. At WorldAccess, we provide both certification and notarization as part of our standard translation fees, so your document will be useful beyond your first situation.

Difference Between Certified And Notarized Translation

A translation is certified when the professional translator not only translates the content of the original document from the original language to the new language, but also signs and stamps each page of the translation and includes an additional document certifying the translation. This affidavit, or sworn statement, is proof that the content of the translation is the same as the content of the original document. As part of this statement, USCIS requires certain information, which includes:
• The translator’s name and signature and the date of the translation
• The contact information for the professional translator or the translation company
• The translator’s professional qualifications
• Information on the original document
• Sworn statement that the content of the translation is accurate in both languages

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The United States government does not issue or sponsor any certifications for translations; therefore, it depends on the certified translations of professional translators and translation services as proof that the information provided in the certification is correct.

How do you notarize a translation?

A translation is notarized once the translation is made, and the affidavit of accuracy is drafted and signed in the presence of a notary. The notary also affixes an additional stamp to the certification, making the translation notarized. However, for the translation to be notarized, it must also include the certification. Notarization of translations is often also required when documents are sent internationally as added security of the accuracy of the information.

Updating and Certifying a Previous Translation

If a translation has already been made by another translator, it might still be possible to certify if the translator who will certify it can update the translation and correct it, therefore making it possible for the translator to vouch for this updated translation. However, the original translation cannot have another translator’s signature or stamp for that to happen. Additionally, when non-professional translators do translations, they might not meet the standards required by USCIS and other legal entities for document translation. If you translate your birth certificate yourself, for example, you might not be familiar with the legal terminology in the new language to accurately translate the content.

Why should you choose a professional translation service for your translation needs?

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When you choose professional translation services, you opt for the peace of mind and the guarantee that USCIS and other institutions will accept your translation. At WorldAccess, we provide professional translation services completed by our teams of college-educated, experienced translators. Some of the benefits you receive from choosing our services include:
• Acceptance guarantee
• Privacy and confidentiality with your information
• Complete, accurate translation of the source information
• Security that you are receiving quality services from professional linguists
• Certification and notarization of your translation

How much does a certified and notarized translation cost?

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At WorldAccess, certified, notarized translations start at $20 per page. We always include certification and notarization services as part of our prices and many other features. Because the total price of a translation is based on the length and complexity of the translation, you can request a free quote to see how much your translation project will cost. Some of the features we provide with our translation prices include:
• Complete, accurate translation of your source document on our letterhead
• Notarization and certification of your translation
• Stamps on the back of each page of the translation
• 100% USCIS approval
• A full-color original translation via regular mail
• A full-color printable, scannable copy of the translation via email

Additionally, we can send your translation via priority or express mail for an additional fee if needed. If you are wondering where you can get a USCIS-certified translation near me, WorldAccess answers your question. With our quick turnaround time for your translation project and our affordable prices, you know you will receive a quality translation that you can use repeatedly and stay within your budget.

What are WorldAccess’ language capabilities?

We provide translations from over 20 languages. Our language capabilities include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Russian. Our teams of professional linguists ensure that you get a fluent translation from one language to the other, and the guarantee that the translation is faithful to the original document, using the correct legal terminology and in the closest format possible to the original document.

What will your certified, notarized translation look like?

You will receive your translation on our company letterhead when you receive your translation. The information included will be the same as that of the original document. The format will also closely mirror the format of the original document. However, minor changes might be present to maintain the integrity and coherence of the original information in the new language. Each page will be certified with a signature and a stamp. The document will be accompanied by the affidavit of accuracy and notarized unless you ask us not to have it certified or notarized.

Quick, Cost-Effective Professional Translations
WorldAccess aims to provide a quick, cost-effective professional translation to fulfill your various translation needs. If you are searching where to get a birth certificate translated and notarized near me, you can contact us with your translation project. We have fast turnaround times because we know you are often in need of your translation very quickly, so our teams begin working as soon as we receive your order and payment. You can request a free quote for your translation and get started once you accept our quote.

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