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WorldAccess Translations, LLC provides professional Malay translation services with English into Malay translation services, Malay into English translation services and Malay into and from unlimited language pairs.

Malay Language

The Malay language is an Austronesian language spoken by the Malay people and people of other ethnic groups who reside in the Malay Peninsula, southern Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, central eastern Sumatra, the Riau Islands and parts of the coast of Borneo.

Malay is an official language of Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. In Indonesia and East Timor, the language is formally referred to as Bahasa Indonesia, which literally translates as "Indonesian language." It is also called Bahasa Kebangsaan (National Language) and Bahasa Persatuan/Pemersatu (Unifying Language) in Indonesia. In Malaysia, the language is now officially known as Bahasa Malaysia, ("Malaysian language".) Singapore, Brunei and southern Thailand refer to the language as Bahasa Melayu ("Malay language").

In Malaysia, the term Bahasa Malaysia, which was introduced by the National Language Act of 1967, was in use until the 1990s, when most academics and government officials reverted to "Bahasa Melayu," used in the Malay version of the Federal Constitution. According to Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, Bahasa Melayu is the official language of Malaysia. "Bahasa Kebangsaan" (National Language) was also used at one point during the 1970s.

Indonesia pronounced Malay its official language when it gained independence, calling it Bahasa Indonesia. However, the language had been used as the lingua franca throughout the archipelago since the 15th century. Since 1928, nationalists and young people throughout the Indonesian archipelago have declared it to be Indonesia's only official language, as proclaimed in the Sumpah Pemuda "Youth Vow."

Indonesian and Malay are separated by some centuries of different vocabulary development. Indonesian is distinct by its vocabulary from Malay as spoken in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, where the language is known simply as Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu is defined as Brunei's official language in the country's 1959 Constitution.

Some Malay dialects, however, show only limited mutual intelligibility with the standard language; for example, Kelantanese pronunciation is difficult even for some Malaysians to understand, while Indonesian has a lot of words unique to it that are unfamiliar to other speakers of Malay who are not from Indonesia.

The language spoken by the Peranakan (Straits Chinese, a hybrid of Chinese settlers from the Ming Dynasty and local Malays) is a unique patois of Malay and the Chinese Hokkien dialect, which is mostly spoken in the former Straits Settlements of Penang and Malacca.

Accurate Malay translation the first time around

Trust in your translation provider is the key to receiving the quality translation you are looking for. At WorldAccess we pride ourselves on delivering your Malay translation project that is backed up with a guarantee.

Your Malay translation will only be done by in-country translators with proven experience in the subject of your original document. A Project Manager, who is also an experienced linguist, will be dedicated to your translation project.

We'll provide your Malay translated document in exactly the same format as your original unless specified different. This means you'll have an accurate Malay translation you can use straight away.

Things to consider when translating between Malay and other Languages

Layout designs - Text typically expands or contracts when translating one language to another. English to Malay translations and Malay to English translations, will contract or expand depending on the subject matter.

Which Malay do you need for your translation?

Getting the Malay translation of your documents right can be very tricky. Clearly there's only one Malay language but as in most countries different sections of the population will have different ways of saying things. Your Account Manager will discuss the target market of your document with you. Clearly, if your Malay translation is aimed at teenagers it will need to use their phrases and maybe even slang. Missing these small issues can be the difference between a successful translation and a bad one.

Specialist industry Malay translators

With a large network of in-country, bilingual Malay translator, WorldAccess Translations can respond quickly and effectively to your Malay language translation needs. Our translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to Malay and Malay to English for a range of documents in various industries.

Malay Translation Quality Procedures

We work within documented quality procedures and will adopt additional quality controls in order to align with client-side process. Each Malay translator is selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise.

Translation Confidentiality

All translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

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